Undergraduate Curriculum

When assigned a teaching schedule, instructors are informed about the courses they will teach. How do those courses fit into the overall curriculum? In what order to students take courses, and what related General Education courses might they have taken?

This page includes undergraduate degree requirements and recommended academic plans for students to follow in meeting their degree requirements. More can be found on the college's undergraduate major requirements page, but we’ve placed here what faculty most often request. If you don’t find what you need, contact us at learning@ist.psu.edu.

What is required in addition to courses I teach?

BS Degree Requirements

When are students recommended to take courses I teach?

Review the “Suggested Academic Plan” on the degree webpage linked to each of the blue buttons on this page. Suggested Academic Plans present a semester-by-semester view of courses students must take within a given major. If followed closely, these plans assist students in graduating within four years.