Academic Policies and Procedures

This page includes links to University policy, procedures for handling policy-related issues, forms required to act on policies, and more. The topics on the page represent the policies that College of IST instructors most frequently ask about.

Visit the University’s online policy manual.

Consult the Academic Administrative Policies and Procedures Manual (AAPPM) for a complete list of all University academic policies and procedures.

Policies, Procedures, & Systems

Wondering about what to include on your syllabus, how to file an academic integrity form, what an honors option is, or where to find rules about offering extra credit for research participation? Consult the handbooks and materials listed here, and see the alpha index below for topics that instructors most frequently inquire about. If we have missed something that you are looking for, let us know, and we will add it to the page:


Share your course materials, syllabus, and assignment due dates with students through Canvas.

Record end-of-semester grades in LionPATH, and review details about your students on your course list.

Follow prompts each semester (which come via email) to indicate whether students are succeeding or not in your course.

Schedule of Courses and Academic Calendar

University Bulletins

University Policy Handbooks

Index of Policies and Procedures