Teaching Students

In the College of IST, we strive for students to learn deeply and meaningfully–yielding long-term understanding and enabling problem-solving in new contexts.

Teaching Methods

Walk through a brief tour of teaching methods and learning outcomes associated with them.

Inclusive Teaching

Discover considerations and suggestions to make common course elements more inclusive of all IST students.

Getting to Know Students

Explore ways to help your students get to know you, to help you get to know your students, and to help students get to know each other.

Engaging Students

Achieve learning outcomes in your courses by engaging students with you, the course content, and each other.

Feedback from Students

Gather feedback from students early and often to uncover valuable data for making course adjustments.

Quizzes, Exams, Rubrics, and Integrity

Implement best practices for a variety of assessment techniques and learn more about preventing academic dishonesty.