GenAI Across the Curriculum

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Generative AI Tools Across the Curriculum Task Force

Fall 2023 – Spring 2024


The Task Force was charged by Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies, Dr. Sharon Huang, as follows:

Consider the problems and opportunities across our undergraduate curriculum afforded by the rise of generative AI tools. Specifically, address the following:

  • Given the presence of generative AI tools, how do we teach courses such that students learn the subject matter and form a strong foundation in the knowledge and skills required to be successful in their careers?
  • In addition to the proposed syllabus statements circulated in August, 2023 and in addition to the work that the Academic Integrity Committee is doing in Fall 2023, what recommendations does the Task Force have for tools, policies, procedures, and/or best practices that would assist instructors?   
  • Given employers’ expectations for not only strong subject matter knowledge but also knowledge of generative AI tools and their appropriate and ethical use, how do we incorporate generative AI tools into course assignments and the curriculum in a strategic and educationally sound manner?
  • What are others (at Penn State or elsewhere) doing to address this question?
  • What recommendations does the Task Force have for addressing this question across the college and within specific programs?
    • Identify which courses can benefit from Generative AI
    • Criteria for evaluating courses in terms of GenAI use
    • Draft modules (e.g. prompt engineering, text generation, image generation) and libraries that can be used and adapted by instructors of the courses