How do I schedule: texts, exams, student evaluations, and more?

IST’s Academic Services Operations (ASO) team will reach out to instructors for all information needed below.

Final exam registration

Each semester, indicate whether your course(s) will include a final exam during the University’s final exam period. Whether you are offering a final exam or not, the registrar needs your course information in order to manage exam schedule conflicts for students.  The IST Academic Services Operations (ASO) will send you an email with a link to the form to submit final exam information for the registrar, and the ASO team will submit the information to the registrar on your behalf.

  • Submit the form even if your course does not have a final exam.
  • Complete a separate form for each course section.
  • ASO sends your information to the registrar to assist in scheduling all final exams.

See dates from the registrar’s final exam timeline by going to the Academic Calendars. ASO will include a general summary of Penn State’s final exam policy when they email you for exam information each semester.

Textbook and course material registration

If you are teaching at least one residential course in the following semester, you will need to submit information on the textbooks for your course directly to the Penn State Bookstore. Keep an eye out for emails each semester from Penn State Bookstore: or

ASO will order desk copies for you. If you need a desk copy of your resident or world campus course textbook - for your own review or for student support assistants (TA, LA, or IA) - submit a request via this form. This form is ONLY for ordering copies, NOT for submitting information to the bookstore.
Contact if you have any questions. 

Student evaluations

The Student Educational Experience Questionnaire (SEEQ) is administered in the last few weeks of every semester. This process is automated, and students will be emailed with links to complete the SEEQ for the courses they are enrolled in. You will have access to your SEEQ results after you have submitted course grades to Lionpath. You can access your SEEQ results here.


In summary:

  • IST Academic Services Operations (ASO) team will email you with information on scheduling final exams each semester
  • The Penn State Bookstore will email you with links to the forms you use to submit textbook/materials requests prior to each semester
  • The Student Educational Experience Questionnaire (SEEQ) will automatically be sent to students in the last few weeks of each semester

If you have questions, email the ASO team at