Where are learning resources for my students?

Tutoring programs and learning centers

Recommend that students who need additional practice and explanations visit College or University tutoring. Consider adding tutoring links to your syllabus and promoting tutoring as an excellent study strategy.

  • College of IST Tutoring Program offers tutoring for in-person and online courses across all IST majors, specializing in first-year and second-year courses with some assistance for advanced courses.
  • Penn State Learning Center offers guided study group sessions, one-on-one tutoring, and study skills workshops in writing, math, and more.

Learning resources and materials

Share learning resources with students, and encourage them to invest time in making use of  the support available to them. Express that you want them to be successful in their studies and to challenge themselves in new ways. Consider sharing the following links on your syllabus, as appropriate.

Student Disability Resources Office

Refer students who ask about student disability accommodations to the Office of Student Disability Resources Office (SDR).  SDR staff members work with students and instructors to provide course accommodations for students who need them. Accommodations look different for every student. Share the information on the Student Disability Resources page, and tell students to make an appointment with a counselor from SDR.

For specific questions or concerns about your course and accessibility accommodations, email ISTLearningDesign@psu.edu.

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